You Can Negotiate Anything!

There are three things that most Americans seek to avoid. The dentist, the IRS and negotiating! Now brushing regularly and filing accurate returns can indeed help one avoid the first two, but there’s no way to avoid the third.

Negotiating takes place everywhere we humans interact. It happens in our family, our workplace, our recreation, our businesses and even in our social gatherings. It’s so common, so normal and so overlooked that we miss opportunity after opportunity.

Negotiating doesn’t have to be manipulative, conniving or abusive. It can (and should be) the “gentle art of persuasion”. Why not enhance your negotiating skills and reap more win-win results?

You’re in the right place to upgrade your negotiating capabilities. On this site you’ll find information about John Hamilton’s negotiating workshops, his book, KEEP Negotiating and able to view some video clips. You’ll be able to access free weekly negotiating tips and even learn about John’s video training series, Negotiating Blueprint. Welcome, and enjoy!